Tertiary yaws

Tertiary yaws develops in <10% of untreated infected individuals (<10%) After and interval of 5 years or more. The late stage Skin lesions are characterized by gummatous nodules with necrotic Tissue destruction, followed by debilitating scarring and contracture. Destructive osteitis can result in ulceration of the Palate and nasopharynx (‚??gangosa‚??), or bowing of the tibia (sabre shins). Hypertrophic periostitis at periarticular sites can Lead to exostosis of the paranasal maxillae (‚??goundou‚??).

Abbreviated Terms

  • gangosa
  • gummatous yaws
  • goundou
  • rhinopharyngitis mutilans
  • ulcers of yaws
  • gummata of yaws
  • nodular ulcerated late yaws
  • gummatous framboeside
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