Thanatophoric dysplasia

Thanatophoric dysplasia is a severe skeletal disorder that is lethal in the neonatal period. Two clinically defined TD subtypes have been classified: type I (TDI), characterized by micromelia with bowed femurs and, occasionally, by the presence of cloverleaf skull deformity of varying severity and type II (TDII), characterized by micromelia with straight femurs and a moderate to severe cloverleaf skull deformity.

Where it Occurs

  • Entire vertebral column (body structure)
  • Entire spine (body structure)
  • Cartilaginous tissue structure (body structure)
  • Entire bone (organ) (body structure)
  • Entire bony skeleton (body structure)
  • Also Known As

  • Thanatophoric short stature
  • Thanatophoric dwarfism
  • thanatophoric dwarf
  • thanatophoric dwarfism or short stature
  • thanatophoric dwarfism syndrome
  • TD - [thanatophoric dwarfism]
  • Related ICD 10 COde

    ICD 10 Code Q77.1

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