A disease caused by genetically inherited autosomal recessive mutations leading to abnormal production of haemoglobin. This disease is characterised by destruction of red blood Cells leading to anaemia and abnormal production of haemoglobin. This disease may present with pallor, jaundice, Iron overload, fatigue, or shortness of breath. Confirmation is by identification of mutations through Genetic testing.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Anemia (disorder)
  • Where it Occurs

  • Blood (substance)
  • Abbreviated Terms

  • Mediterranean anaemia
  • Thalassaemia minor
  • Thalassaemia with other haemoglobinopathy
  • microelliptopoikilocytic anaemia
  • Rietti-Greppi-Micheli anaemia
  • mixed thalassaemia
  • thalassaemia anaemia
  • Also Known As

  • hereditary leptocytosis
  • haemoglobin thalassaemia disorder
  • thalassaemia syndrome
  • thalassaemia NOS
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