47,XYY syndrome

47,XYY syndrome is characterized by an extra copy of the Y chromosome in each of a male's cells. Although males with this condition may be taller than average, this chromosomal change typically causes no unusual physical features. Most males with 47,XYY syndrome have normal sexual development and are able to father children.47,XYY syndrome is associated with an increased risk of learning disabilities and delayed development of speech and language skills. Delayed development of motor skills (such as sitting and walking), weak muscle tone (hypotonia), hand tremors or other involuntary movements (motor tics), and behavioral and emotional difficulties are also possible. These characteristics vary widely among affected boys and men.A small percentage of males with 47,XYY syndrome are diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders, which are developmental conditions that affect communication and social interaction.

Different Conditions


Related ICD 10 COde
ICD 10 Code Q98.5


Number anomalies of chromosome Y

A condition affecting males, caused by the presence of supernumerary Y chromosomes. This condition is asymptomatic. Confirmation is through observation of supernumerary Y chromosomes by karyotyping.

Also Known As

  • Karyotype 47,XYY
  • double y syndrome
  • xyy syndrome
  • Related ICD 10 COde
    ICD 10 Code Q98.5

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